GOS (Galacto-Oligosaccharide) Promotes Well-Being Through Products

GOS (Galacto-Oligosaccharide) promotes the widest range of beneficial bacteria for digestion, immunity, and cognition. GOS is an important component found in breast milk that can help maintain digestive health and enhance an infant’s immunity. HMO’s typically include a high quantity of galactose, therefore GOS are often the predominant prebiotic used to supplement infant formulas.




Strawberries in Yogurt

Adding GOS promotes and creates superior, functional, and organoleptic properties which can be applied creatively to numerous food or pet products. GOS has been integrated into several products, such as infant formulas, cereal-based complementary foods, dairy products, health supplements, etc. Other products include, yogurt, baked goods, beverages, ice cream, other food products and pet food.


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